Your CADdent team welcomes you to the online data transfer!

New customer registration

here you can create a new customer account


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Order entry 

here you can place orders without creating a customer account


Information on the use of the form

You can transmit orders online to us in our order entry system.
After entering your contact data and your required term of delivery , you choose your system (of scanner) and the required material.
Necessary entry fields for order data, comments and status choice (finished / follow-up order) will dynamatically be displayed. Please consider our reference notes.
At the end of the order entry, you are able to send one compressed file to us per upload feature.

All required fields are marked with a *.


Information on data storage

Your order data will be backed up in a database. The latest backed up order information will be displayed when entering a new order. There effects no data transfer to third parties.


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